My Perhaps Perhaps Not Therefore Secret Secrets — Fetishes.

My Perhaps Perhaps Not Therefore Secret Secrets — Fetishes.

See, that’s just just what the application is ideal for.

My 4th part web log where i’ll share my not very key secrets


Acrotomophilia: Arousal to amputees

Actirasty: Arousal to your sun’s rays

Agalmatophilia: Arousal to statues

Anasteemaphilia: Arousal to an individual of extreme stature, either giant or dwarf

Apotemnophilia: Arousal to yourself as an amputee

Autogynephilia: Arousal to oneself male just in the shape of a girl

Autoplushophilia: Arousal to yourself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal

Chasmophilia: Arousal to caverns, crevices, and valleys

Climacophilia: Arousal to dropping down stairs

Coprophilia: Arousal to feces

Ephebophilia: Arousal to older adolescents, approx. 15-19

Exhibitionism: Arousal to displaying one’s organs that are sexual public

Fetishism: Arousal to objects which were in physical connection with desired individual

Formicophilia: Arousal to bugs

Frotteurism: Arousal to touching a complete complete stranger surreptitiously in a crowded destination

Gerontophilia: Arousal to your senior

Hebephilia: Arousal to pubescent aged kids, approx. 11-14

Katoptronophilia: Arousal to sex right in front of mirrors

Knismolagnia: Arousal to being tickled

Lithophilia: Arousal to rock and gravel

Masochism: Arousal to experiencing real and pain that is psychological

Melissaphilia: Arousal to bees and wasps

Nasolingus: Arousal to drawing for a nose that is person’s

Nebulophilia: Arousal to fog

Necrophilia: Arousal to corpses

Objectophilia: Arousal to an object that is particular distinct from fetishism

Partialism: Arousal to a human body component apart from the organs that are reproductive e.g., calves

Pedophilia: Arousal to children that are prepubescent

Podophilia: Arousal to foot

Psellismophilia: Arousal to stuttering

Psychrophilia: Arousal to being cool and watching other individuals who are cool

Pteronphilia: Arousal to being tickled by feathers

Pubephilia: Arousal to hair that is pubic

Pygophilia: Arousal to buttocks

Sadism: Arousal to causing physical and pain that is psychological

Savantophilia: Arousal to your cognitively weakened or developmentally delayed

Stygiophilia: Arousal to your looked at hellfire and damnation

Teleiophilia: Arousal to reproductive-aged grownups

Teratophilia: Arousal to the congenitally deformed

Titillagnia: Arousal to tickling others

Transvestic Fetishism: Arousal to feminine clothes pressing the skin that is male’s

Urophilia: Arousal to urine or others that are urinating

Vorarephilia: Arousal to eating another body that is person’s

Voyeurism: Arousal to spying on other people for intimate satisfaction

Xylophilia: Arousal to wood

Zoophilia: Arousal to nonhuman pets


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